Sumi SushiA sushi bar on Flatbush Avenue.

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2 reviews | 353 orders

Super fresh fish, and affordable! We loved our first experience.


2 reviews | 898 orders

Finally Park Slope has an amazing sushi place that delivers! If you like sushi, real sushi, not spicy-fill-in-the-blank-particle-fish-with-mayo (though their spicy stuff my be good too) order from here. Their rice is dead on. Their fish is fresh. Their chef's selection outstanding. You will not go wrong here.


1 reviews | 124 orders

The food was much faster than the estimate and they gave me gluten free soy sauce, which sushi places rarely have! The sushi was delicious and it was such a treat to get to eat it with soy sauce. The delivery man made sure I knew the soy sauce was gf and he was really nice.

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287 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn NY, 11217
(718) 638-1689